Introduction to GNOME

for the May 1998 alpha release of GNOME in Red Hat 5.1

by Mark Galassi

rosalia@cygnus.com1998 May 4
Table of Contents
Preface to the alpha release of GNOME
What is GNOME
Obtaining and installing GNOME
1. A sample session
The provisional startup sequence
Using GNOME's internationalization support
2. A tour of some GNOME applications
The GNOME help browser (gnome-help-browser)
The panel and its applets
The file manager — gmc
General purpose applications
GNOME hex editor — ghex
GNOME terminal emulator (gnome-terminal)
Multimedia applications
Electric Eyes (ee)
GNOME mixer (gmix)
GNOME CD player (gtcd)
System and configuration programs
Property settings
Line printer configuration (gulp)
"Productivity" tools
GNOME time tracker (gtt)
GNOME calendar (gnomecal)
GNOME calculator (gcalc)

  Preface to the alpha release of GNOME