Red Hat Linux 6.1

The Official Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents
What is Linux?
What is Red Hat Linux?
About This Book
The Basics
The GNOME User's Guide
Q & A and the Glossary
More to Come
Send in Your Feedback
Sign Up for Support
I. The Basics
1. GNOME in 60 Seconds (or a little longer)
An Overview
The Desktop
The Panel
Finding Help
2. Welcome to Linux
A Note About Conventions
The Root of the Matter
How to Quit
From Console Mode
X Marks the Spot
A Brand New You
Shutting Down
Pulling Yourself Up by the Boot
A Good "Man" Is Easy to Find
3. You Are Here
Finding Yourself with pwd
Getting from Here to There: cd
Looking Around with ls
A Larger Picture of the Filesystem
"Washing" the Window
Using cat
Using Redirection
Appending Standard Output
Redirecting Standard Input
Stringing Commands Together
Ownership and Permissions
Fun with Numbers in chmod
4. Managing Files and Directories
Shell Collecting
Locating Files and Directories
Command History and Tab Completion
Identifying and Working with File Types
Copying, Moving and Renaming Files and Directories
5. Getting Online
Using RP3 to Connect
Customizing and Configuring
6. Using Gnome-RPM and RPM
The benefits of RPM
Using Gnome-RPM
Installing New Packages
Basic Configuration
Package Manipulation
RPM from the Shell Prompt
7. Q & A: Quick Answers to Common Questions
Your First Login
Using a Diskette
Switching Environments
Shutting Down
Error Message While Installing an RPM
Starting Applications
Accessing a Windows Partition
Find Some Commands Fast
Keep ls Output from Scrolling
Tips on Using Command History
Unable to Log In
Starting "Services"
Using All Available RAM
II. The GNOME User's Guide
8. The GNOME User's Guide
What is GNOME
About This Guide
9. GNOME Quick Start
GNOME Quick Start
10. Window Managers and GNOME
About Window Managers
Changing Window Managers
11. The Enlightenment Window Manager
The Enlightenment Configuration Tool
Enlightenment Menus
12. Using the GNOME Panel
The Basics
Moving and Adding Panels
Adding Applications and Applets to the Panel
Running Applications
Logging Out of GNOME
13. The GNOME Desktop
Using the Desktop
Desktop Areas
Other Desktop Menus
14. The GNOME File Manager
Moving Around the GNOME File Manager
Selecting Files
Copying and Moving Files
Renaming Files
Launching Applications From the GNOME File Manager
File Properties and Actions
Changing Your Preferences in The File Manager
Menu Guide to the GNOME File Manager
A Drag and Drop Tour of GNOME
15. Configuring the Panel
Global Panel Properties
This Panel Properties
16. Editing the Main Menu
17. The GNOME Control Center
Desktop Capplets
Default Editor
GNOME Mime Types
Multimedia Capplets
Session Manager
User Interface Options
18. A Word About Session Management
Resetting the GNOME Session
19. Panel Applets
20. GNOME CD Player
Using the GNOME CD Player
21. The GNOME Calendar
Setting Up the GNOME Calendar
Using the GNOME Calendar
Making a New Appointment
A. GNU General Public License
III. Appendixes
B. Glossary